Sunday, August 9, 2015


It was in my first semester that I met this lovely girl. She was everything anyone will want to have a friend and even beyond. I must mention that I love girls; like seriously, I just love girls.
It was during our registration as new intakes that I saw this girl. She is calm collected reserved, beautiful, and she could make you twist your head just to take a look at her. Every male that towards the exam officer’s office to register his courses would forget what brought them and stayed back to admire this girl. I was quite sure of the fact that she knew everyone was glaring at her.

We all wanted to know her name as if that would be a medal of honour on her neck. of all the fine boys standing there to know her name, non could venture going close to ask her a single question.
It was at this point that I remembered I had one particular challenge when it comes to ladies. I am shy. Yes I am very shy, I can say anything anywhere and anyhow about how easy it is to get a lady and take her down in a matter of minutes but I could just say it before the lady. Infact I have never tried asking them a question.
Time passed and I continued seeing this girl but this time with some other guys. I got angry. They had gotten her even before I could take any action. I decided to wait on fate to blow another wind my way but I knew very well that I wanted that girl. It got close to the end of the first semester when I had found someone I didn’t quite like but she too was beautiful. I was just affording to 'manage' her. Two weeks to our exams, there was a miracle. Kwala, the girl which everyone wanted to have - including myself, became my footstool. How it happened I don’t know. I just felt something wasn't right but everything was alright. Kwala as she is fondly called bounced everyone including those who were more handsome than I was the most expensive guys in the school she shunned. Could this be a divine connection? I asked myself.
I had to cope up with the fact that this was reality and Infact, we had started to blend. We move out together, catch fun together, we started going places bars, restaurants, eateries, and started booking into hotels. Infact, we 'did it' and she was awesome. At last could stand up and beat my chest before guys and say 'I too have done it'.

Time passed and I decided to go for a HIV test. Kwala had vehemently protested I shouldn’t go as it would be an insult to her personality. How can she as beautiful as she looked be found wanting of HIV/AIDS. I decided to calm down and follow her suggestion. I remember she told me that nothing had ensued between her and any man. She looked clean and as such she is clean.
I was alone one day searching for my course form in my drawer when I saw a document behind the drawer. It was actually a medical report from one "Faith Alive Foundation, Jos". It was a HIV/AIDS Test report with Kwala's name on it. I read through and got the shock I deserved. Kwala was HIV/AIDS positive and there was another paper clipped to the report. It was a pregnancy test result to which Kwala tested positive too. "I am finished" I cried out loud. I rushed to the hospital to do my own HIV/AIDS test. In my mind I told myself I would deny the pregnancy though I knew I could be 75% responsible for it. "But what about the HIV?”
I was holding my hospital card in my hands when the nurse came and with the doctor and presented me a paper. They had done the test and result was out. The look on their face wasn’t friendly at all.
They doctor reached out the letter to me and I was contemplating collecting the result. As soon as I collected the result, there was a tap from behind me on my shoulder it came three to four times and I turned backwards with my sleepy eyes to see who it was. Behold it was one of the security man at the gates. He asked me to stand up and go home because the lecture had ended. There was saliva and tear drops on the desk where I had been sleeping. I screamed "chaaiiiyee!!! All that glitters is not gold".

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