Monday, September 28, 2015

SNM Music: Otuns - Sine Qua Non

The acceptance and massive trending speed of Otunba Adebayo Oyedoyin, ever since the release of his hit single: SINE QUA NON, (meaning, something you can't do without), has been awesomely incredible.
Media houses, like radios, Television stations, prints and the social media have all been caught by the “love bug”, released by OTUNS…
Seriously, the facts are  just there to show the encouraging love, and public acceptance of this
sweet romantic love song, that has got everybody talking and dancing over and over again.
Why not join the movement?
Download this love song and you would be surprised as to how you will unconsciously be pressing rewind, over and over again…
Its really a well written, professionally mastered and lovely love song”…Hype-Vault Entertainment.

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